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Free Download 123 Web Messenger 2.6, Trial Edition.

Note:  It has all the features of the ultimate Edition, but it is totally free, with a 10 connection limit.
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Description:  The one to one chat app can access the IM network on desktop. By default it will connect to the official 123 web messenger server as a demo, but it can be customized to connect to your own web messenger server. The EXE customization service is included in the ultimate package.
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123webmessenger_client.exe EXEJanuary. 01, 2014 6.94 MB
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Video for friend list of 123 web messenger

Friend List of 123 Web Messenger

123 Web Messenger enables two random users on one site to one to one communicate at real-time, and keep in better touch with buddies on the site using the Friend List, with which can add/delete/block buddy while using the Web/Site Instant Messenger.
Invite user to 1 to 1 chat in 123 web messenger

Invite a user to chat on you site

123 Web Messenger is a web-based text and video messaging software. The unique feature of it is that a small invitation window for instant chat will pop up from the webpages, which is initiated by an invitation button and once the button is clicked by one user and the invitation accepted by the other user, the conversation will be established.
1 to 1 video chat in 123 web messenger

Video Chat with a user one-on-one

Text/Video Instant Messaging on web one-to-one with 123 Web Messenger. It enables users to talk face-to-face with friends and loved ones using webcam in private chat. In other words, it's ideal for online dating sites or matchmaking, social network.
Friend List of 123 Web Messenger
Invite a user to chat on your site
Video Chat with a user one-on-one
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